Soaps and oils are made in San Lorenzo with a family secret.

After three decades of education, desire continue the healing family tradition led Victor M. Coss Rivera to develop soaps, oils and spirits, all with the intention of meeting the needs of the client while protecting nature.

“I mainly use medicinal plants that I grow at home to macerate oils, which in turn form the basis for making soap. there I have malageta, rue, rosemary, sage and the one I don’t have, I buy it from local farmers“, – said the former teacher and director of the school.



In a moment of reflection and after serving her term at the Ministry of Education, Coss Rivera turned to her childhood to be inspired by her new face, which she pursues with great passion.

“After retiring as headmaster, I was looking for a way to entertain myself with something to take my mind off the sedentary routine of doing nothing at home. Then I remembered my grandmother Mercedes, when she made her oils, spirits, poultices and ointments from plants that she had in her yard. I have about 25 micro business concept soaps called “VC Soaps”; that not all medicines, because I adapt to the needs of clients. But mostly I devote myself to the preparation of natural medicines,” he explained.

The artisan makes soaps, oils and spirits, among other products. (Isabelle Ferre Sadourni)

Among his most outstanding creations is soap, which arose from the need to get rid of a skin ailment. “I have a colleague who has a serious problem with psoriasis and she mentioned to me that using certain oils can improve this condition and so I decided to do this and I achieved this with a bergamot based soap which I classify as mine. the best project because I have seen positive results,” he said.

“I always strive to ensure that products are of high quality and protect the environment. I am very careful about what is used as a raw material in every product that I make, because we are talking about leather, ”he said, recalling another anecdote that led him to create another product, this time with a very specific history.

“During the pandemic, a friend tells me that she has a formula to make ‘thief’s oil’ And that’s when I started making my own. This is used to spread the skin and thus ward off any type of plague; Of course, it depends on the faith of each client,” he said.

Of the curious name given to this ointment, legend has it that in France, when the bubonic plague was at its height (1413), four thieves were arrested, accused of robbing the dying, and that, despite the viral transmission of the deadly disease, they never didn’t get sick. During the trial, the judge offered them a reduced sentence if they revealed what made them resistant to the plague, to which the thieves replied that they were perfumers and created a combination of medicinal herbs that they rubbed on various parts of the body. to avoid illness. Hence its name, popularity and use today.

Coss Rivera runs courses on making glycerin soap for groups with a maximum capacity of 15 people. If you would like to attend their seminars or get information about their products, please call 787-515-1020 or visit social media under VC Soaps. You can also write to

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