Sofía Castro says goodbye to the blonde and this is how she looks now!

Sofía Castro says goodbye to the blonde and this is how she looks now!

This is how the actress reacted when she saw the result of her new look

By: Fabricio Martinez


via Instagram @sofia_96castro

Sofia Castro

Sofia Castro continues to surprise her followers and after celebrating her boyfriend Pablo Bernot’s 32nd birthday, the actress draws attention again, but now for a unexpected makeover.

For some time now, the daughter of Angélica Rivera and the producer José Alberto “El Güero” Castro, looked spectacular with a blonde hair color; However, the youth star revealed the reason for this new style.

Through her stories on Instagram, Sofia mentioned that she traveled directly to Los Angeles and went directly to her stylist to undergo the procedure. change due to a new role of which we will soon know more.

via Instagram @sofia_96castro

Sofía Castro traveled to Los Angeles for a makeover

In the end, Castro showed the result in which his hair is seen with a dark brown tone of which she was delighted. “Love love love,” she wrote on the image.

It should be noted that the expert who changed Sofia’s image is the renowned stylist to the stars, Matt Rez, who has worked with celebrities such as Adele, Gal Gadot and Kate Hudson, among many more.

Two weeks ago, Sofía confessed that she had two projects on the horizon without revealing if they were a telenovela, after her father, “El Güero” Castro, said that he would love to produce her first leading role.

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