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Welding consuela turns out to be a rare medicinal plant, but has countless properties for various parts of the body. In fact, his name is not popular and is not repeated in any country.

“Although its correct name is comfrey, it has been given the term ‘solda’, which was one of its main characteristics. In the 18th and 19th centuries, it was eaten to speed up the healing of broken bones,” says Candela Estereo.

However, after various analyzesIt has been found that the internal use of this plant can lead to cancer-related effects, so its use is only topical. It is rich in vitamin B12, alkaloids and rosmarinic acid. It is produced in temperate climates and has purple flowers that attract the attention of insects and pollinators.”

How does comfrey help?

In case you didn’t know, consuleda’s soldering iron treats tears and sprains, “compresses from this plant can help reduce inflammation and pain caused by sprains and tears,” reports the portal.

In addition, “comfrey, used as a poultice, will be useful for healing fractures of the phalanges and small bones.“Take care of small fractures.”

For many years, “it has been proven that using this plant as a remedy can help reduce skin allergies such as diaper rash, acne, and rashes.”

“Comfrey oil can be very helpful in fighting this disease; significantly reduces pain and inflammation”, bringing only benefits to the physical health of each affected person.

general properties

  • antitussive. “The plant has been used to treat coughs and other respiratory and bronchial problems.”
  • Anti-inflammatory agent. In this case, “comfrey contains anti-inflammatory compounds that can help reduce inflammation in the body.”
  • Emollient. The Solda Consola plant can be used to both moisturize and smooth the skin.
  • pain reliever “The plant can have an analgesic effect, which means it can help relieve pain to a great extent.”
  • recovery. To this extent, “the bone paste plant (Symphytum) has been used to heal wounds and reduce scarring.”

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