Some of the characters from Avatar 3 can already be seen in the theme park of the franchise

Although it was last December when the second film in the Avatar saga, The Sense of Water, was released, James Cameron has spent years planning an entire franchise of at least five films and while filming this second part, he has also worked on the next films, which has meant that some events can be brought forward.

Well, as the director has explained, the lucky ones who can go to Disney World in Orlando and the Avatar theme park released in 2017, are going to have the opportunity to meet some of the characters that will be seen in Avatar 3. “Especially the people of the desert… the merchants who travel across the world.”


Avatar: Empty Show or Masterpiece?

Cameron assured in an interview with Deadline, in which he has also revealed that During the filming of the second film in the franchise, scenes from 3 and 4 were also shot.. “We mixed up the shooting schedules for the second and third based on the locations we were going to use, so we only had to fly to Frankfurt once.”

“I told them: ‘we are going to treat this film as if it were a miniseries of about six hours. The availability of the actors was a problem, so with each of the actors we shot their scenes for the second and third at the same time on the same day. And sometimes even 4. Especially for the kids, who I only allowed to grow up to 6 years in the fourth movie.'”

There are only two scenes in Avatar 2 without CGI: would you be able to guess them?

Great returns for the sequels

As in the two Avatar movies that have already been released, the next sequels will also star by Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana, who will be joined by other actors who will also return in the sequels.

Like Stepehn Lang, Giovanni Ribisi, Joel David Moore, Dileep Rao, CCH Pounder, Matt Gerald, or Sigourney Weaver. Plus new additions to the world of Pandora like Oona Chaplinwhich is also going to be the villain of the third film.

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