Sonja Michele is leaving the NFL at 28: the new trend of a quick goodbye

ANDcorridor Sony Michelle announced his retirement from NFL over the weekend, despite re-signing with Los Angeles Rams last month. He has yet to explain his decision, but it’s worth considering why the young RB retired at just 28 years old.

Michael theoretically, it should enter its heyday. He is the same age as some of the league’s top running backs, including Derrick Henry, Alvin Camara and even Ezekiel Elliott.

The only one that Michael said publicly about his retirement is that the family at the airport prayed for him as he begins a new chapter in life.

Reasons for leaving Sony Michel

“What a powerful moment,” he tweeted. Michael. “As I was passing through the airport, a beautiful group of people from Hope Church Alabama City, who at first did not know who I was, asked me to lay hands on myself to pray for this wonderful chapter, which I decided to close. into God.”

Michael Won Super Bowl With rams and another one with Tom Brady And New England Patriotsbut regressed only after a rookie year.

Rookies are leaving the NFL

He could have had a recovery season, but instead he decided to move on. After all, football is a terrible sport that has a negative effect on the body.

Review Michael This makes sense, especially since runners are grossly underestimated. However, two other withdrawals within the same 24-hour period left fans confused.

Defender Pittsburgh Steelers, Mount “Mullet” Pottebaumannounced his retirement from NFL although he never took the field. The 23-year-old rookie signed with the franchise as an undrafted free agent. 2023 NFL Draft.

Jabari Zuniga – A 25-year-old defender who also retired from NFL on weekends. They Pottebaum they probably recognized the violent nature of the league and simply decided to leave.

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