Sony wants game difficulty to adapt to players

Most current games have options where players can change their difficulty. This allows everyone to adjust the settings to their preferences and knowledge within certain titles.

The idea will be to make the game more accessible for players while maintaining its challenge. However, although this is currently a setting that everyone can customize, Sony seems to have some different ideas for this.

Recently, the company registered a patent that describes a dynamic difficulty system that would adapt to each user. This system would use a series of algorithms to automatically identify the recommended difficulty within the game for each player.

This check would be carried out taking into account several factors, such as the player’s experience in certain titles and their progress within the game, among others.

This difficulty could also not be static. In other words, the player could start with an easier one, and it would become more difficult as he gained experience.

Each difficulty level would have different characteristics, which would be defined by the game. For example, they could give the player more items in certain areas or increase navigation speed. This would gradually become more difficult as the player stayed longer in the game and gained experience.

At the moment,

the idea is only on patent, so it is still unknown whether Sony is interested in launching the functionality for its systems.

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