Spider-Man Day: why it is celebrated today

Spider-Man Day is celebrated every August 1st. (Sony Pictures//Photo by Behrouz MEHRI/AFP)

spider man He is one of the most popular and beloved characters in Marvelsince several generations have identified themselves with him over the years; He even has his own holiday, as every August 1 is celebrated spider man day in honor of the first appearance of arachnids in comics, the volume was The Amazing Spider-Man #149 and published in August 1975.

Many collectors now own a copy of this issue and it is highly valued in online sales for its symbolic value. The price of the original comic from the first appearance spider man It may vary depending on the state of preservation and the seller’s criteria.

This is the cover of The Amazing Spider-Man #149, the volume in which the superhero first appeared (screenshot).

It was the Spider-Man fans who came together to propose a day; however, Marvel supported this decision, so the holiday became official. So through social networks, many people expressed their admiration and affection for the character in its different versions.

The character was created Stan Lee And Steve DitkoWhile there are more well-known versions of Spider-Man than others in TV series, comics and movies, the reality is that this is an entire multiverse, Marvel comics claim that there are multiple time-spacelines in which stories take place and one of the most prominent is Earth-616.

Many fans celebrated Spider-Man Day (Screenshot)

In this fictional reality, the one who gains strength after being bitten by a spider is Peter Parker, a teenager who lives in a permanent economic crisis, is interested in science, wears glasses, has a noble attitude, and his unconditional partner is Mary Jane. After the death of his Uncle Ben, this young man decides to become a vigilante in the city. NYin USA.

This character has become one of the most representative in pop culture, as numerous references to Spider-Man have been included in many films, TV series and cartoons. There are even official video games for the console Game console 4 and 5.

The cute character is inspired by the scriptwriter’s sketches. Joe Simonthis version was called silver spiderbut the idea was abandoned Fly (Fly), author Archie Comics.

Nowadays, there are even video games featuring this spider hero (Source: Playstation)

Jack Kirby was co-author of said screenwriter, and five years later he showed sketches Stan Leehis idea was that he was a teenager who used a magic ring to become an adult and shoot webs with a gun, he later had the opportunity to portray him in five pages, but this was not a convincing result.

finally will Stan Lee who endowed the character with representative aspects, proposed to abandon the use of weapons, remove the ring, add a characteristic mask and convey the idea Steve Ditkowhose contribution was to connect the experiences of adolescence with the psychology of the character.

The character has had several animated series for television and three film adaptations, the first of which was filmed Sam Raimi and starring Tobey Maguire around 2002; second Andy Serkis and starring Andrew Garfield and the current one in the lead role Tom Hollandapart from being part of Marvel Cinematic Universe (UKM).

Spider-Man from No Way Home became a crossover between Garfield, Holland and Maguire (Photo: Instagram/Marvel)

The three actors who gave life to Peter Parker made a long-awaited meeting in the film Spiderman: No Way Home (2021). Marvel has prepared its fans for this meeting from the movie Avengers: Infinity War (2018) and character appearance Doctor Strangesince the possibility of a multiverse in said saga has been confirmed.

However, several versions of Spider-Man are not limited to these films, as the Sony production Spider-Man: New Universe (2018) and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2023) opened up the possibility of an infinite number of realities in which multiple Spider-Heroes exist, each with their respective canon event, i.e. an important event in their story.

There is a multiverse in fiction that opens up the possibility of infinite Spider-Man (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse).

These films ridiculed Uncle Ben’s signature line, namely, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

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