Spies with no north in a post Brexit world

When Apple TV+ premiered “Slow Horses,” he already took his portion of congratulations for a spy series, but with a twist that made it attractive, so much so that it was immediately renewed for a second season. Now the platform has just released “Liaison”, a six-episode bilingual thriller that navigates between international intrigue associated with spies involved in political plots and a stormy love story. They star in fiction Vincent Cassel (“Westworld”) and Eva Green (“Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children”).

The background of the series says a lot about it. Although according to Apple TV +, “it is a fast-paced contemporary thriller that explores how the mistakes we made in the past have the power to destroy our future. The series combines action with a complex and unpredictable plot, in which espionage and political intrigue are intertwined with a story of love and passions”, the hand of the French creator, Virginie Brac (“Spiral”) is so present that the production is bilingual and except for the French actors, the rest are in English. The vision of the director, the Emmy winner Stephen Hopkins (“24”), is undeniable, which places the viewing halfway between Bahuer’s series and something from “Homeland.” The story divides us into three plots that will intermingle. In one two Syrian hackers They request asylum in France and have relevant information. Meanwhile, the logistical situation of the United Kingdom is threatened by cyberattacks that endanger national security, while France tries to rescue them through a former legionnaire, Gabriel, who fails on several occasions to get them to safety. The third plot has to do with our legionnaire and his link to the assistant to the british cybersecurity chief, Alison (Green). Both share a past together and that is distilled in each scene in which less than two meters separates them. We must value here the existing chemistry between Cassel and Green, which is all the merit of the actor. The creator tells that on the first day of shooting Cassel, who has also constructed his role himself, appeared on set with a black and white photo of Jean-Pierre Cassel, Vincent’s father and Green’s mother, Marlène Jobert. With that he definitely broke the ice and allowed them to move on to another phase of the relationship as we see on the screen, we will witness the tension at least sexually, but it is discovered very slowly. The cast is completed by Peter Mullan (“Ozark”), slightly wasted in his role as Green’s boss, Gerard Lanvin, Daniel Francis, Stanislas Merhar, Irene Jacob, Laetitia Eido, Eriq Ebouaney, “Rising Star” Bukky Bakray, and Thierry Fremont.

Spy tape fans have impossible chases, trips between France, Syria, Turkey, London and Belgiumscenes with droneskidnappings, shootings and of course political intrigues inside the Elysée palace and 11 Downing Street. But also the feeling that the series has already been seen. The fact that it is cyberattacks that the European powers suffer, gives it less death and destruction than for example in “24”, although the scene of the train accident is very good. Beware of the Brexit problem which causes almost more problems than shootings and deaths. The post-separate UK paints itself as a helpless empire that has not even renewed its agreements on cyberterrorism. The series can be enjoyed without further questioning, but if we want to include it in its genre we can only say it’s okay.

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