SSJ represents networks of municipalities of the health program

Strengthen health efforts in the Costa Norte Sierra region.
Occidental, III Regular meeting of the Regional Network
municipalities of health,

During his participation at the meeting held on the basis of the Center
Culture and sports La Lija, Minister of Health Fernando Petersen Aranguren specified that this is important
have a close relationship with the presidents of the municipalities, since problems
public health is not only about health from a biological point of view.
but it has a lot to do with humanitarian relations and how
as authorities, they must influence them. It is for this reason that he acknowledged the work
what were they doing, otherwise they would have an even bigger problem
seriously in terms of chronic degenerative diseases and arbovirosis such as

“Why we are doing well in Jalisco, we have three reasons. First, because
we have a good team in the secretariat, in the OPD, looking for
mosquitoes, we have over 4,000 egg traps spread across the state, they
it is monitored every week to see an increase in the number of oviposition, see below.
where so many mosquitoes grow, we couldn’t take care of everything
if it weren’t for you, the presidents of the municipalities, you’re doing well
anything that is a public toilet; we need to clean the pools, we need to do
scrapped, we must eliminate the incubators, and this great work can only be
we can find a solution between you and us,” he said.

Among the topics discussed at this meeting, the Director General of Health
Pública, Ana Gabriela Mena Rodriguez, spoke about the public policy that
promoted in the state and relations of municipalities with them, e.g. ‘1000
days, including pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, childbirth and
healthy postpartum period; breastfeeding and growth and development

Also the strategy “Somos Uno y Vamos Estar Bien” in support of girls,
children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes who are unsure
who are offered treatment, follow-up studies and health education.
In addition to measures to prevent overweight and ways of vaccination.

Similarly, Nelson Rios Hernandez of the OPD Legal Department
Jalisco Health Service dedicated to the regularization of real estate and real estate in
where hospitals and medical centers are located; while Director VIII
Sanitary Region Jaime Alvarez Zayas presented an epidemiological overview and
new strategy to control dengue, zika and chinkungunya,
noting that only 5 cases have been reported in this region this year, it has been calculated
almost 2000 eggers are monitored throughout the municipality and have been
collected 1477 tons of ceramics in 131 places. be a problem
I seriously collect tires, having collected 5137 pieces during this period.

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