Successful, handsome and young; this is the new boyfriend of Angelina Jolie who could present at the Oscars

The separation between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt began as a “peace agreement” but it culminated in one more scandal. After the events that exposed the bad relationship between the actors, both seem to have given love one more chance.

Who conquered Angelina Jolie?

His name is Paul Mescal, a 27-year-old actor who stood out in the nominations for one of the most important awards in the film industry, The Oscars. His role in ‘Aftersun’ earned him a ‘Best Actor’ nomination.

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The young man born in Ireland left aside Tom Cruise himself, Tom Hanks and Hugh Jackmanwho came in force thanks to their tapes ‘Top Gun’, ‘A grumpy neighbor’ and ‘The Son’. However he does not compete with weak, Brendan Fraser, Austin Butler, Colin Farrell and Bill Nightly battle with the young man for the award.

At the beginning of 2023 the actors were captured in a cafeteria in Europe, specifically in London. The appointment, completely informal, was the root of a storm of rumors and speculation. In fact, it happened after Mescal broke off his relationship with Phoebe Bridgers after two years of relationship.

Brad Pitt revealed that he has a disease: What is prosopagnosia?

In fact it was known that the actor He already met Angelina’s children Jolie and had a meeting with Shiloh, one of the famous first-born.

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