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In summer, you can catch colds and flu from sudden changes in temperature. It is important to prepare the immune system with a good diet, avoid sudden changes in temperature and stay hydrated. In addition, supplementation with nutrients such as vitamin C, zinc, and vitamin D is recommended to boost the immune system. Lanier Pharma offers a supplement called Immunizat that contains these nutrients to help prevent and treat infections.

In summer and at high temperatures, many people carelessly treat their health, trusting the weather. Although colds are more common during this time, it is also possible to catch the flu, although the symptoms of both illnesses vary in intensity.

Summer colds and flu are like illnesses that can be experienced at any time of the year. What usually differs is the reasons that cause them. In summer, the most common cause is sudden temperature changes between the outdoors and air-conditioned rooms; this irritates the nasal mucosa and makes it easier for rhinoviruses, which are the main culprits of the common cold, to enter.

Preparing our immune system for these dates is also important to keep it strong and protected, because in addition to general malaise, a classic symptom in any viral process, one can imagine fever, cough and dry throat, congestion and a lot of mucus. . Lanier Pharma knows this.

To prevent your dream vacation from being ruined by a cold or the flu, follow these tips:

  1. In many cases, we exceed the use of air conditioning, as well as the consumption of excessively cold or frozen drinks. It is important to avoid sudden changes in temperature inside and outside any room.
  2. You will notice the difference when you have a humidifier in your home or workplace, which is essential to keep your mucous membranes from drying out and getting colds. Humidity should be maintained above 30%.
  3. Your allies are fruits and vegetables, as they contain essential micronutrients that help protect you. Food is the key to maximizing cold prevention.
  4. In the heat of summer it is essential to stay adequately hydrated as we tend to sweat more and become dehydrated. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to certain groups, such as the elderly or young children, to ensure complete hydration.
  5. Ensure a protected and stronger immune system than ever with natural supplements that boost your immune system, especially with iron, vitamin C and zinc based nutrients.
  6. Supplementation with some nutrients may be highly recommended for nutritional deficiencies if done under the supervision of a professional. The popularity of vitamin D is driven by scientific evidence that has shown it to be effective in improving both the innate and adaptive immune response, especially in respiratory infections such as the flu, the common cold, and the ubiquitous COVID. However, there are many other substances that are also worth mentioning, such as vitamin C, zinc, selenium, beta-glucans, echinacea or propolis.

At Lanier Pharma, they created Immunizat, a supplement containing beta-glucans, tannic acid, zinc, selenium, vitamins C and D for such cases. Its immunomodulatory function makes it a recommended option for both the prevention and treatment of infections caused by viruses and bacteria.

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