Summer cold or Covid? Antigen test sales up 60% in Jaén

Summer is a time of heat, but also cold. Changes from outside to inside, with air conditioners dropping temperatures with an icy blast, affect people who end up with runny noses, sneezing and sore throats. The symptoms are reminiscent of a pandemic that, despite being closed, is still present. So to clear up doubts about whether it’s the common cold, the flu, or Covid-19, sales of antigen tests in the province are up 60%.

From Bidafarma, the leading wholesaler in the province of Jaén, which is responsible for stocking the shelves and drawers of most pharmacies in Jaén, there has been an increase that is also spreading to the rest of the country. Without a doubt, there is a rebound in sales in July, as well as cases of the disease, not reaching the point of panic, but not forgetting the virus.

Evaristo Troiano of the College of Pharmacists of Jaén, who is in charge of the central pharmacy in Baez, says that customers of all ages come to buy an antigen test. He explains that if there were practically no sales of this product from January to February, then suddenly there is a strong increase.

“The season of fairs, concerts, everyone gets together, it becomes more festive, so the restlessness also increases,” says Troiano. Remember that air conditioning damages the health of the unsuspecting, and before doubting whether it is Covid or not, it is preferable to purchase a quick test and solve it, rather than risk vulnerable people in the environment, mostly family members. “There are still people who keep the chip of responsibility and pass the tests, there are more of them than it seems,” he says.

He tells how his pharmacy has had a “calm” level of sales since Easter, but is now seeing an uptick due to crowding. “Young people have more contact with the elderly, there are family visits, and even if these people are not in these crowds, prevention is preferable,” he says.

Over 110%

According to a report from Iqvia Consultant.

A study in 6,500 Spanish pharmacies shows that 179,965 tests were sold between July 24 and July 31, an increase of 112% compared to the last week of June.

The consultant reports that the rise in Covid-19 infections in Spain, as well as “in other markets in neighboring countries”, has caused an increase in sales of antigen tests.

The latest data on the evolution of Covid from the Ministry of Health on June 30 showed a decrease in the number of infections to 41.5 per 100,000 inhabitants in 15 days. This will be the latest information provided by the Ministry of Health on the evolution of the pandemic, as the ministry stopped publishing it after the health emergency was declared.

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