Summer hits: What should be in a song to make it rock in the summer?

He summer This is one of the happiest times of the year. The holidays are coming, good weather, beer on the sun terrace, going to the beach, parties, heat… Although there are people who hate high temperatures, the reality is that mood generally a change for the better. One of the aspects that never fails and has the most expectations is the summer song.

Each year, a theme is highlighted that appears even in the soup. There is no disco that doesn’t play it, and there is no radio station that doesn’t repeat it two million times a day. It is inevitable that even haters duty song do not go to bed with the included melody reproduce in my head.

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To retreat.

It’s you dancing to the song of summer and you know it. (Source: Giphy)

This concept born in the 60s hand Italian Phonograph Association. At that time, the organization launched a competition called “Un disco per l’estate” (“Record of the Summer”) to find artists who would hit the “ball”. The competition consisted of a first stage, which was broadcast on radio, and a final stage, which was televised on the Italian public channel RAI.

The contest was a success, and in later years the formula to try your luck with catchy and danceable songs was replicated. In fact, the success was such that it spread to other countries, and in Spain it coincided in 1966 with the birth of main 40 V Radio Madrid. This is considered the starting point of the summer song in Spain.

Keys to Making a Song of Summer

It is not easy to make a song the theme of the summer, but if you analyze the songs of recent years, you can find certain patterns that are repeated in the vast majority of them. The main thing is the joy that he conveys. Traditionally, summer is associated with positive emotions, and crying in a disco while the song of summer is playing is not worth it. If we look at the last few years, the songs called for love, desire, happiness and good mood.

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No one escapes the fact that urban rhythms are the most successful. Reggaeton or pop music is one of those that have gained the most popularity in recent years. But these rhythms should be accompanied by a simple melody, without frills, which allows the song to quickly gain a foothold in our subconscious.

Jaime Altozano, one of the most famous Spanish YouTubers dedicated to the world of music, has detailed that there is a four-chord progression that is commonly found in many songs. Some of the examples he gives are Ave Maria David Bisbal And Slowly Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee.

In many cases, writing is the smallest of these. You do not need a philosophical dissertation on this topic, even a very complex one. For example, in get rid of from Rosaliathe chorus says: “I depechá’, crazy’; I came with the new cash flow, baby crack it up A lot of people had to look up the words because they didn’t understand them, but the rhythm and the melody got them hooked.

Collaboration is another secret weapon. The phrase “in unity is strength” is not trivial, but the combination of the forces of more than one artist helps to achieve greater success. To this we must add the release date. It is necessary to hit the publication date so that by the summer everyone already knows it by heart. The previous months, like April, are perfect for the theme to take off and become the most melodious song of all in the middle of summer. For example, Gozadera Mark Anthony and residents of the area (2015) or dancing, Enrique Iglesias and again, Zone People (2014) were released in April and both turned out to be songs played in all bars, clubs and even supermarkets.

last songs of summer

There are times when sticking to just one summer song is next to impossible. The musical offer is very diverse, and it is not surprising that more than one stands out and contests the summer throne. It happened exactly in 2022the year in which get rid of Rosalia and stay Quevedo and Bizarrap These were the most popular songs of the summer season.

IN 2021 there was more consensus on the issue that took the cake. Rau Alejandro succeeded with Everything about you and it became the most streamed song in Spain, according to Spotify data.

For 2020, not everything is so clear. It must be taken into account that this was the year of the pandemic, so the musical production was not as high as in other publications. However, if I had to highlight something that stood out on the major music charts, it would be jeep Nio Garcia, Brerey, Juanca, Anuel A.A. and Mike Towers as well Candies from Ozun. COVID stole a lot from us and what it never gave us back was persecution cob Karol G and Nicki Minaj in the summer, as the discos haven’t opened yet.

IN 2019cooperation between Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes led to a mega-hit that was played on the radio right and left. Miss put everyone in mood sensual, perfect for summer. As for Spain, the most listened to song was callaita, from Bad Bunny.

Reggaeton won without a doubt in 2018, as the songs of the summer were focused on this direction. without pajamas Becky G and Natty Natasha or Te Bothe Remix Casper, Nio García, Darell, Nicky Jam, Bad Bunny and Ozuna were some of the most popular songs.

But if there is a mother of the summer songs of recent years, then it was without a doubt Slowly Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee. In 2017, everyone knew this, and he came to do a remix with Justin Bieber.

So most of these songs have a lot in common, like the beat, the catchy chorus, and they all end up playing all the time. reproduce in our head.

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