Super lice? Experts detail how they adapted to products to get rid of them

Summer has come, and lice still live in houses, cause and houses of the colonies Catalonia. Until now, spring has been associated with the time of these insects but little by little these tiny creatures resist more and there are already those who talk about super lice.

The denomination is not technical, and the existence of this proposed option this is more than doubtful. neither pharmacists biologists do not belong to them either, these are families of the smallest members of the house, among which worrywho named them that way.

products for life

The solution for life was the famous Filvit, a compound that has 1% permethrin and which has been sold for many years as solution, but which is less and less effective, according to families. came out alternatives all kinds, including tea tree and its combinations. enduranceinstead, it continues.

explanation much more to do with the use, or rather with abuse products that were used to kill these insects. “Many times they are not allowed to act at the right time“, answers pharmacist and distributor Maria José Cachafeiro.

proper treatment

Employee of the Pharmacy Service of Santa Creu i Sant Pau Hospital in Barcelona and President of the Catalan Society of Clinical Pharmacy of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Catalonia, Edurne Fernandez de Gamarraemphasizes that “for the treatment and prevention of capillary lice, there are two key elements. On the one hand, the use of effective products, and on the other, the correct use of them.” First of all, he warns, “it is important to distinguish between products that are used as care and those used for preventive purposes.

There are completely lice season he insists on managing the little ones preventive products that although this is correct, little by little they arouse resistance. This, added to this”treatment is not repeated after seven days (in those products that do not have ovicidal ability, that is, do not kill nits) or the possible infestation of other family members is not checked”, as Cachafeiro points out, makes the life of the lice last and last.

Poor Product Efficiency

“In the case of pediculicides (against lice) neurotoxic effectthat is, those who carry permethrin or malathionmisuse may cause resistance, so no longer effective In many cases. In the case of other assets, misuse only includes risk not eliminate the problem and increase the possible infections other people,” the journalist says.

If you look at the main components of Filvit or others against liceyou will see that these quoted elements are yours main active ingredients and for decades they have already provoked resistance. dermatologist Ramon M. Pujol Hospital del Mar recalls that “its widespread use led to resistors lice to these treatments in recent years, discovered already in the 90s.” “As a consequence,” he adds, “what exists today is decline its effectiveness.”

louse head


Super lice, yes or no?

An expert from the Hospital de Mar clarifies that “resistance to permethrin and pyrethrins is mainly due to recessive mutation in the knockdown resistance gene (kdr)”. It highlights that “several recent clinical trials in the UK have shown that the effectiveness of permethrin decreased from 97% (in the mid-1990s) to 13% in 2013″. A considerable figure.

Despite everything, the doctor is straightforward: “There are no particularly persistent superfaces”, as parents believe and despite this genetic mutation. He insists that “most resistant cases correspond to reinfection or treatment was applied inadequately and at a percentage that is difficult to quantify resistance to permethrin (resistance to malathion in our conditions is probably much lower).”

what’s wrong

What is this misuse experts? What’s wrong? Go free and don’t look at Components the products used and their possible resistances. “In order for the treatment to be effective, the following recommendations must be observed. testimony and in case of any doubt, consult a pharmacist,” Cachafeiro says.

And the fact is that, as doctors and pharmacists point out, there is resistance. “He wide use (even in children without confirmed pediculosis) causes resistance,” insists Fernandez de Gamarra, but this does not interfere effective alternatives.

New products

If a member Catalan Society of Pharmacology obligation to use the products derivatives of the same family that already exist, with other efficiency-enhancing components, Cachafeiro aims to “recourse to assets with different mechanisms actions”.

“Currently we have other efficient assets such as dimethiconesbenzyl alcohol, octanediol or isopropyl myristate which destroy lice, and in some cases nits, without causing resistance, since their mechanism of action is physical, cause suffocation or dehydration of the lice“, continues the distributor.

How to avoid head lice

Dr. Pujol gives others alternatives such as products that are administered orally such as ivermectin or cotrimoxazole. Before you get to them, you can try”treatments without insecticides”. That is, natural, which “have the theoretical advantage of not creating resistance.” Although there are already “described resistant cases that need to reapply“he warns.

In any case, remember that lice infestation It has nothing to do with social class and has nothing to do with the hygiene of minors. Contacts of minors in schools, parks, colonies, etc., as well as sharing caps and hats make it easy extension. For this reason, they warn to check babies well, as well as all family members.

If you want to go further, “use the products repellents with IR-3535 or with octanediol, which have been shown to be effective in prevention“. And “mechanical treatments for lice also effective, often combined with hot air“, he concludes. All of these elements are valid for the fight that many families are waging against these parasites.

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