Surprise! Real Madrid are delighted with the signing of Bellingham, and Germany – with his departure.

Jude Bellingham celebrates his first pre-season goal for Real Madrid (Photo: Cordon Press).

Mozart Ballesteros

Real Madrid rub their hands After quality confirmation Jude Bellingham after the game which the Englishman played against Sports. The meeting at which he officially spoke his first goal thanks to an assist by David Alaba. However, the happiness that exists in Chamartin seems to be met with joy when the player leaves the field. Bundesliga.

Bellingham moved to Real Madrid this summer.

Here’s how it reflects Build, who assures that several heavyweights from Borussia Dortmund are glad that the Englishman packed his bags and left the club Signal Iduna Park. According to media reports, the fact of wanting to be the center of attention, his temper and the abusive treatment of some of his former teammates did not please him in the locker room. In fact, his behavior gave rise to “anti-Bellingham sentiments.”

So, according to the publication, the departure of a football player This had a beneficial effect on the climate in the locker room. where do you remember The Serious Words Bellingham Said to Niko Shuluz during a Champions League match in February 2022: “You can’t give a fucking pass right, they’re fucking with me! You are fucking shit! It’s always the same.” A few words about what happened in the 2-2 draw against the Rangers.

Bellingham against Dortmund (Photo: Cordon Press).

Some fights that seem to have been common both in training and between games. The article denounces that he rarely served as captain after being selected third in his last campaign with the German team.

The newspaper also claims that in his desire to be in the spotlight, “heteammates were secondary“It is actually detailed that after home games, a player waited until he had finished greeting his teammates in front of the fans to receive a solo standing ovation.

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