Sustainable fishing for the world’s food

The oceans are essential to human life because they provide the air we breathe, the food we eat and the livelihoods of millions of people around the world. However, global warming and some human activities, such as overfishing, threaten their health. In the following lines we deal with this problem and we explain how sustainable fishing can help solve global nutrition challenges.

Millions of people are running out of essential nutrients due to overfishing. New data published by our organization shows that Stopping overfishing could feed millions more people and help prevent serious and life-threatening diseases..

Fish and shellfish are among the most nutritious and vitamin-rich foods. In fact, they provide a fifth of a person’s daily needs. squirrels over 3 billion people worldwide.

Sustainable Fisheries and Global Nutrition

According to recent estimates, if all global fisheries were managed sustainably, an additional 16 million tons of fish and shellfish could be harvested each year. This figure, added to the 96 million tons expected to be caught by 2030, could end the fish shortage. iron four million people are also suffering from insufficiency vitamin b12 an additional 18 million were affected. This would help alleviate a public health problem such as anemia, which affects nearly half of children under the age of five and 40% of pregnant women worldwide.

This increase in catches could also serve to remedy shortcomings zinc affected more than two and a half million people and those who calcium another 24 million, while increasing consumption Vitamin A out of five million. Vitamin A deficiency itself is a major preventable cause of childhood blindness.

In addition, the study shows that 38 million people do not have normal levels essential fatty acids omega 3 (DHA and EPA), which are found mainly in fish and shellfish, and which could also meet their daily requirements if sustainably harvested at sea, contributing to the reduction cardiovascular deaths and strokes.

benefits of eating fish
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Sustainability at the center

According to the MSC, to benefit from aquatic products, governments must place them at the center of their national feeding strategies and establish regulations that recognize and support sustainable fisheries and facilitate access to highly nutritious seafood, especially in emerging economies.

It’s time to act now and protect the oceans for future generations. Take the plunge and pledge today to protect this vast and irreplaceable ecosystem that sustains us all! You can join this deal through our website and be a part of this great collective action.

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