Sydney Sweeney Could Play Spider-Woman In Madame Web Movie

Sydney Sweeney Could Play Spider-Woman In Madame Web Movie

Sydney Sweeney Could Play Spider-Woman In Madame Web Movie

Sydney Sweeney is one of the most beautiful and relevant youthful actresses in recent years, all thanks to her notable ties to the most important studios in the Hollywood industry. Last year her participation was confirmed in Madame Web, one of the following Sony movies in the Marvel universe; Although her character has been kept secret, new information maintains that her role will be that of Spider-Woman, one of the most requested by fans and also one of the most popular in the publishing house’s comics and the lore of Man. Spider.

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sweeney began her acting career in 2009, but rose to fame in 2019 thanks to her role in the television series Euphoria (80%), a production in which she plays Cassie, a teenager who lives her life to the fullest and is often judged by the erratic decisions she makes, which end up hurting many people around her. sydney he has also appeared in several other television series, including The Handmaid’s Tale (73%), Sharp Objects (96%), Everything Sucks! (63%) and The White Lotus (93%). She has also acted in movies like Once Upon a Time in…Hollywood (94%) and nocturne.

Throughout his career, sweeney she has been praised for her ability to play complex and emotional characters. The aforementioned performance of her in Euphoria it earned him praise for his character’s struggle in trying to find his place in the world. Thanks to this HBO series, she earned a Primetime Emmy nomination for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series; but now she is ready to make the big leap into superhero movies, a genre highly coveted by some but also quite avoided by others.

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In accordance with jeff sneider of The Hot Mic Podcast (via ScreenRant), sydney sweeney will act as Spider-Woman in Madame Web, the film starring Dakota Johnson centered on the famous villain and enemy of Spider-Man. It is important to remember that this is information from an insider, so we will have to wait a little longer to hear official announcements from Sony and Marvel; here the statement of Jeff:

I’m told there’s been a lot of speculation about what Sydney Sweeney’s role will be in the Marvel Universe. I was told that she will be, as rumored I guess, Spider-Woman. Now, there are a couple of different Spider-Womans, (Sydney) was rumored to be playing the second one (Julia Carpenter).

Madame Web it will be part of Sony’s Spider-Man Universe and will be the character’s debut on the big screen. As reported by Deadline in late May of last year, “the film will be an origin story for the clairvoyant, whose psychic abilities allow her to see into the world of spiders.” In addition to the star of Fifty Shades of Gray (25%) and sydney sweeney, in the cast will also be present Emma Roberts and Adam Scott; At the moment there are no notions about the roles that the secondary actors will take, Sony keeps them well guarded.

Although there is some optimism about Madame Web, fans of the characters linked to Spider-Man on the big screen have begun to develop a sense of caution in the face of disappointment. The fiasco of movies like Venom: Carnage Unleashed (45%) and Morbius (21%) have shown that Sony has not been able to establish a good universe for these mythical figures, and we don’t know if it will succeed in the future. Madame Web runs the same risk of causing the same disenchantment among viewers. Can he pass the final test?

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