Sydney Sweeney has 5 hairstyles that are perfect for a round face

Sydney Sweeney stands out not only for his talent and good taste in fashion, but also for the fact that he always knows how to style his hair to style your face and get the most out of their features. You noticed?

If you also want to define your face without the need for any aesthetic treatment, right now we are sharing our selection hairstyles Euphoria stars so you can achieve it with sexy touch. Read on and take screenshots every style!

Spicy fringed bun

One of the best beauty hacks Sydney Sweeney taught us is that high buns with loose ends, also known as buns with spikes, perfect for round faces, and if you add long bangs: much better! This will help create the effect. facelift which softens and improves facial features.

Long, oblique, oblique bangs are ideal for narrowing the face.

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half tail

another one of our beauty looks average favorites ponytail. Just follow the advice of the actress not to enlarge the face: straighten your hair, polish it as much as possible and part in the middle. To add even more elegance and romance to this hairstyle, why not add a big black bow and pin it up at the crown? You will love the result!

With complete cleanliness of the face, you can create a lifting effect 10.

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ballerina bun

Echoing the iconic ballerina look, here’s how you should comb your hair elongate your face Whether you choose XL, medium or low, this option is perfect for watch old money very flattering. Glamor Tip: The higher the bun, the better!

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