Sydney Sweeney teaches us how to perfect the art of ponytails

Sydney Sweney traveled to Seoul (Korea) to attend a special Samsung event and wore a very chic outfit with a perfect long ponytail crafted by stylist Glen Oropeza. The actress had golden blonde hair parted down the middle and combed on one side for a polished finish, with a large piece of bangs pulled up in front to frame her face and keep the ponytail from looking too tame.

The a pony tail It was firmly anchored on top of the head and fell to mid-shoulder with a few loose curls to give it some movement. It’s shiny, bouncy, and not a single hair is out of place. It’s the kind of ponytail you dream about when you’re a kid trying to figure out how to style your hair.

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Barbie would definitely wear this hairstyleand it looks even better with a skinny blonde headband.

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skin Sydney Sweney they were as golden as her mane, thanks to the magic of makeup artist Melissa Hernandez. She used a warm gold palette for the star’s eyes and cheeks, with a bit of black liner and a bit of shimmery lip gloss to further emphasize this factor. shiny. Her beauty is blinding!

Of course, it a pony tail perfect is typical of Sweeney, who is blessed with really great hair. For example, spectacular movie hairstyle which he wore in his appearance He Today the program, her bob from the 90s, which is the time when she became a brunette.

Originally published by Allure US,, adapted by Paola Zamarripa.

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