Sydney Sweeney YES to play Spider-Woman in Sony’s Madame Web

Sony’s Spider-Verse continues to grow, and now Spider-Woman is included in the production of the next live-action movie, Madame Web.

spiderman He is one of the favorite characters of comic book fans. So much so that both Sony and Marvel Studios, from Disney. In this regard, it is not surprising that Sony Pictures is looking to expand the universe of arachnids, as happened with I, Morbius, Craven and now with Madame Webwhere actress Sydney Sweeney will be participating alongside Dakota Johnson.

Madame Web is another Sony Pictures film set in the Spider-Man universe. Directed by S.J. Clarkson, director of such popular series as succession, pledge, Defendersamong other things.

While artistic talent is led by actors and actresses such as Adam Sott (Ben Parker), Emma Roberts (Mary Parker) and Dakota Johnson (Madame Web). However, it was recently confirmed that this film will feature spider woman, a character that Sony has already found the perfect actress for, and it’s none other than Sydney Sweeney, who we recently saw play Cassie Howard on the HBO original series Euphoria. She confirmed the news in an interview with Variety magazine.

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Sydney Sweeney to play Julia Carpenter, second Spider-Woman

With Sydney Sweeney, there are already two actresses from the famous Euphoria series who are joining one of the Spider-Man universes. The first was Zendaya, who entered the Marvel Cinematic Universe to play Michael Jay, best friend and confidante. Peter Parker.

Now it’s Sydney’s turn, who has joined the world of Spider-Man, but on the side of Sony Pictures, to play Spider-Man. Julia Carpenter, the second Spider-Woman from the comics. Over time, Carpenter adopted the image of the second “Arachne”, and later the second “Madame Web”.

Julia Eugenia Cornwall Carpenter’s first appearance was in Marvel Super Heroes: Secret Wars #6 in 1984. Julia obtained her superhuman abilities by taking a serum created by a secret organization, the contents of which were spider DNA and sex extracts. She shares some of Peter Parker’s spider powers; though they also highlight his psionic abilities, which allow him to manipulate molecules.

After receiving a mixture of “spider venom and exotic plant extracts”, he gained superhuman powers which, while similar to those of Spider-Man, are more based on psionic (mental) powers. Madame Web has an estimated release date in the early months of 2024, possibly mid-February.

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