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The highest paid actors of 2022

Some movie names have managed to make huge fortunes with just a single major Hollywood production. THE Variety released the highest salaries of actors and actresses of 2022, with values ​​reaching US$ 100 million. In this case, it’s impossible not to think about Tom Cruise. The actor receives a box …

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5 actors (much) older than their characters

Unsurprisingly, many actors are chosen to play characters younger than their age, but the success of Stranger Things brought this old debate back to the forefront. The group of friends stars in season four at the tender age of 15, but in real life Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) is 18, …

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Meet some actors who sing and you didn’t know

Being an artist in the world requires numerous skills in order to create a beautiful trajectory in the industry. Over years of study and improvement, everyone who dreams of making a career strive not only to perform well and gain visibility for it, but also to explore other aspects of …

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