Rose, Lewis Hamilton and Kylian Mbappe

Rimowa unveils its ‘Never Still’ campaign with Rosé, Lewis Hamilton and Kylian Mbappé, revealing the personal meaning behind their travels. In an epic collaboration that combines the glamor of music, the speed of sports and the elegance of football, the renowned German luggage brand, Rimova, has launched its latest campaign that promises to inspire us … Read more

Gigi Hadid continues to shine in Jacquemus Fall/Winter 2023 Campaign

Gigi Hadid shines in the extravagant Jacquemus campaign, transforming into spherical pieces for the Fall/Winter 2023 LE CHOUCHOU collection. Gigi Hadid And Jacquemus They once again conquered the fashion world. The world famous model is in the spotlight as the star of the brand’s new campaign “LE CHOUCHOU” for the autumn-winter 2023 season. This collaboration … Read more

Sophia Richie Grange Leads David Yurman’s Sculpted Cable Bracelet Campaign

Sophia Richie Grange becomes David Yurman’s global ambassador and star of the exquisite Sculpted Cable Collection. David Yurman, a well-known American jewelry brand, continues to surprise the fashion world with the choice of celebrities to present their latest campaign. For the occasion, they have chosen Sophia Richie Grange as the face of their new Sculpted … Read more

Marcelo Ebrard: “Let Morena show that she has an ethical superiority over others”

YouIt seems that everything is ready for the fact that on September 6 it will be announced who will be the alliance’s candidate for membership in National Revival Movement (MORENA), Labor Party (PT) and Mexican Green Ecological Party (PVEM) happen to Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador as President of Mexico after the 2024 federal election, who … Read more

from Miguel Angel Sylvester to Sydney Sweeney and Sadie Sink

Armani Beauty dazzled the Venice Film Festival with an all-star dinner at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, with guests including Jack Dylan Grazer, Jaime Lorente, Camila Mendez and more. Venice, Italy – On the magical night of September 2, Armani Beautymain sponsor 80th Venice International Film Festival For the sixth year in a row, he surprised … Read more

Three new types of harvesters were discovered by three biologists, including a resident of Quindio.

Author: Lorena Zapata Lopez. Arachnids are a diverse and interesting group of arthropods that play a variety of ecological roles in ecosystems around the world. Arachnida or class Arachnida is a class of arthropods that includes a wide variety of organisms, including Araneae (spiders), scorpions (scorpions), Acari (mites), Opiliones (harvesters), pseudoscorpions (Pseudoscorpionida), Solifugae (solifuges or … Read more

Tips for Toxic Parents (Part 3) –

opinions expressed by reviewers make up your total amount and absolute personal responsibilitydoes not jeopardize the editorial or journalistic line of LA CRONICA SAS. Third column of ten tips and tricks for loving and effective parenting (read first and second searches: Toxic Parents New Chronicle with reflections and advice for fathers and mothers who want … Read more

Calendula is an ornamental plant with phytotherapeutic properties.

Calendula is an ornamental plant with phytotherapeutic properties. Calendula (Calendula officinalis) is a medicinal plant that has many uses and is highly valued for its medicinal properties. Originally from Egypt, it arrived in Europe at the time of the Crusades and began to be cultivated in the gardens and gardens of convents and monasteries. Dr_verde … Read more

Laura Escanes can’t take it anymore and explodes like never before when she hears, “More and more noses.”

Laura Escanes ready to hold on, but to certain limits. And the influencer and model had to say:Enough‘. All for attack you got on social media where they ruined his physique and supposed aesthetic retouching. AND jumped. Because the Catalans are very straightforward. “There are more and more noses,” wrote a subscriber. not imagining that … Read more

Anne Hathaway Named Global Ambassador for Shiseido’s ‘Vital Perfection’ Series

Anne Hathaway becomes global ambassador for Shiseido’s Vital Perfection series, according to Vogue. In the exciting news that went through the media, Ann Hataway was appointed global ambassador for Shiseido’s “Vital Perfection” series. The acclaimed actress, who is now the face of the Shiseido skincare line, shared her thoughts on her personal beauty philosophy, her … Read more