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13-year-old enters medical school

We are impressed with teenager Alena Analeigh Wicker, just 13 years old, who passed her medical degree at a university in the United States. This girl prodigy passed college a year after graduating from high school at age 12. “I worked so hard to achieve my goals and live my …

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5-year-old dressed as Chucky terrorizes US residents

Records made two weeks ago were published by one of the residents of the neighborhood on the internet and went viral on social media this week. Photo: Facebook/Kendra Walden Residents of the Albertville neighborhood, in Alabama, in the United States, were terrified when they saw, walking through the streets, a …

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Harvard scientists manufacture human heart for the first time

That’s exactly what you read! Scientists at Harvard University have managed to create, from scratch, a human-like heart that mimics the heartbeat. The good news came out in Science magazine. This is the first time this has happened and represents a major advance in organ transplants and production. “This work …

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