“The Pain of Your Forgetfulness”, a story of Alzheimer’s disease

Author: Laura Maria Espinosa Estrada Luz Karime Saleme is a lawyer at the University of Los Andes. On Friday, September 15, at 17:00 at the Cofincafé, writer Luz Karime Saleme will present her latest release, entitled “The Pain of Your Forgetting,” a story to know, understand and live with Alzheimer’s disease. Luz Karime Saleme is … Read more

Three new types of harvesters were discovered by three biologists, including a resident of Quindio.

Author: Lorena Zapata Lopez. Arachnids are a diverse and interesting group of arthropods that play a variety of ecological roles in ecosystems around the world. Arachnida or class Arachnida is a class of arthropods that includes a wide variety of organisms, including Araneae (spiders), scorpions (scorpions), Acari (mites), Opiliones (harvesters), pseudoscorpions (Pseudoscorpionida), Solifugae (solifuges or … Read more

Tips for Toxic Parents (Part 3) –

opinions expressed by reviewers make up your total amount and absolute personal responsibilitydoes not jeopardize the editorial or journalistic line of LA CRONICA SAS. Third column of ten tips and tricks for loving and effective parenting (read first and second searches: Toxic Parents New Chronicle with reflections and advice for fathers and mothers who want … Read more

Ataturk, the Turkish series that Disney+ canceled due to pressure from Armenians

To commemorate the centenary of the Republic of Turkey, Disney+ planned to launch the series Atatürkwhich originally announced Emma Watson as part of its lineup. According to an IMDB review, the series “tells the life story of the great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk”. However, it was recently revealed that the six-part production will be released … Read more

Self-care, a priority in the prevention and treatment of diseases

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