Marcelo Polino debuted -1 in dancing: who suffered it

Marcelo Polino delivered his first -1 in the debut of the new pair of tournament participants. Dance 2023 due to the weak level that he saw and became a trend. “You can’t take two steps in a row“, an unforgiving member of the jury destroyed the famous woman after her performance, to which the tribune … Read more

Marcelo Tinelli got fed up and destroyed one of the greatest figures of the dance: “Traitor”.

Return Marcelo Tinelli Television has forced many figures who have been away from show business for years to become part of the media again. However, a star appeared. dancing 2023 and this caused the driver a lot of anger. For this reason, it didn’t take long to oppose him and make a strong release on … Read more

Netflix’s September 2023 release: TV series and movies that are fading away

catalog Netflix It is extremely broad in content. Every month, New games are coming to keep us entertained, but at the same time, some of our favorite games have to make room for something new. September 2023 is no exception, and the series Movies and series ready to leave the streaming platform. If you’ve been … Read more

Jose Maria Listorti returns to TV away from Marcelo Tinelli

Marcelo Tinelli has prepared everything for the debut dancing 2023 next September 4. After his departure from El Trece, the artistic director of the signal America Group He took a dance competition with him and will appear on this screen for the first time. But in the last few hours, he received unexpected news: José … Read more

Does it stretch? The Prisoner Behind Marcelo Tinelli’s Bylando American TV Debut

IN America TV They are looking forward to the launch Dancing for a dream With Marcelo Tinelli to the head. However Rumors spread that the debut, scheduled for Monday, September 4, would be put on hold again, a situation that caused alarm indoors due to the need to go live as soon as possible. Marcelo … Read more

3 curiosities from Secret Invasion, the Marvel Studios miniseries with Emilia Clarke

The latest series from Marvel Studios, secret invasionended and all six exciting episodes are available to watch Disney+. With Nick Fury at the center of the plot, this spy series weaves a web of mistrust and conspiracy that keeps fans on the edge of their seats. We will delve into three intriguing aspects of this … Read more

Strong accusation Lourdes Sanchez against Marcelo Tinelli: “I feel”

Lourdes Sanchez He targeted Marcelo Tinelli and revealed the truth about the “breakup” of their relationship. The dancer took advantage of the space in an interview and delivered a fatal blow to the driver. dancing 2023. Sanchez attended as a guest Al dente nightcycle under Fer Dente’s direction America TVwith Pablo “El Chato” Prada. There, … Read more

Amazon Prime Video Series and Movie Releases August 2023: Top Recommendations

August began with an interesting competition between the main platforms entering the world streaming. Considering this scenario, Amazon Prime Video confirmed their new unmissable titles. What new series and films will be added to your catalog during August. Amazon Prime Video Series and Movie Releases August 2023: Top Recommendations This company is known worldwide for … Read more