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“There is no conspiracy theory…”

Brazil’s Cup Controversial bid of the Copa do Brasil involving striker Calleri, from São Paulo, had a lot of repercussion on the internet. CBF admits error, but does not redeem itself Per Thiago Soares 7/20/2022 – 7:11 pm BRT 7/20/2022 – 7:11 pm BRT © 928, www.agif.com.brAgif/Daniel Vorley – Sandro …

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“I would play and he would be on the bench”; narrator exposes ‘chat’ with L. Fabiano about São Paulo striker

Sao Paulo In an appearance on JovemPan’s YouTube channel, the narrator let slip Luís Fabiano’s opinion about São Paulo striker Per Gabriel Vinicius Pirovani Viche 06/25/2022 – 18:04hs BRT 06/25/2022 – 18:04hs BRT Armando Paiva/AGIF – Narrator exposes L. Fabiano’s opinion about SPFC striker. Per Gabriel Vinicius Pirovani Viche With …

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