From Taylor Swift to Beyoncé: fashion at the biggest shows

Of the various connections that the manufacturing industry has fashion, music is one of the most powerful. Who doesn’t remember the iconic cone bustier designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier for Madonna’s Blond Ambition tour, or the black military jacket worn by Michael Jackson at the Super Bowl halftime show? fitting rooms created for music tours They … Read more

50 Cent convicted of throwing mic and hitting woman during game

Newsroom / Newsroom Telecinco/Gonzalo Barquilla 08/31/2023 17:34. Rapper 50 Cent was convicted for throwing a microphone at the audience at a concert and hitting a womanGetty Images American rapper 50 centsThe 48-year-old man was listed as a suspect in the criminal assault on the police report. This Wednesday, the singer was playing a concert in … Read more

Video: Jason Momoa went all out at a Metallica concert and even climbed into the mosh pit to distribute pushes

On August 27, a Metallica concert was held in Los Angeles with the participation of another legendary metal band such as Pantera.which set the hundreds of accompanying fans vibrating. Among those present were such celebrities of the rock scene as drummer Tommy Lee and guitarist John 5 of Mötley Crüe, as well as other personalities … Read more

Iggy Azalea’s pants rip on stage; the police stop the concert

Renowned rapper Iggy Azalea took an unexpected turn during her performance at the Gamers8 gaming and esports event in Riyadh City Boulevard, Saudi Arabia. 33 year old artist his pants ripped in the middle of the performancewhich led to her having to stop the presentation early. via twitter, Iggy explained the incident and made it … Read more

Adele fell slightly during one of her Las Vegas concerts – Publimetro México

During one of his latest concerts in Las VegasAdele fell slightly, making it difficult for her to continue walking. The British singer needed help to get up from the ground, according to Who magazine, citing a report in the English newspaper The Sun. “I’m going to sit down and rest my sciatica,” the singer told … Read more

Sadie La Niña responds to those who criticize her for her weight and manner of dressing: “The fat girl succeeds”

Sadie, girl She is not one to have a complex about her weight, and she is not afraid of criticism for her supposedly extra pounds or pounds or her figure. The Cuban singer responded sharply to a follower who criticized her outfit for the last concert on social networks. “Why are you dressing like that … Read more

Viral security guard for singing at Taylor Swift concert fired by Grupo Milenio

Calvin Denker he was a security guard went viral on social media for singing at the top of her lungs cruel summer Taylor Swift during one of her concerts in Minneapolis, USA. The video with his participation has gained more than three million views. Having achieved fame with his singing video, CAlvin decided to open … Read more

Karol G and Selena Gomez are back together… now in concert

The entertainment world has witnessed one of the most iconic moments of the year thanks to Selena Gomez, who surprised everyone by attending the concert of her friend Karol G at the Rose Bowl in California on Friday, August 18th. Hollywood star who is in prelude to the release of his new single and third … Read more