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Crusoe: The Chilean Letter Bomb

× Gabriel Boric In the edition of Crusoé that aired this Friday (8), A report by Duda Teixeira reports the reactions to the radicalism of proposals for Chile’s new Constitution, with center-left, center and right politicians promising to reject it in September. “The disappointment was evident at the ceremony of …

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Argentina: Plane detained with Iranians reignites terror fears

× Photo: reproduction THE Argentina is the country in Latin America that was most punished by terrorismsays to Crusoe. Criminals linked to Iran and the Lebanese group Hezbollah killed 114 people when they blew up the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires in 1992 and the building of the Asociación Mutual …

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‘Che Guevara was not heroic’

× Photo: reproduction At 29 years old, Captain Gary Prado Salmon commanded the operation that captured the Argentine Ernesto Che Guevara, leftist icon, near the village of La Higuera, in Boliviaon October 8, 1967, recalls the Crusoe. A retired general, now 83, Gary Prado teaches international relations at the Private …

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