According to Dwayne Johnson, Black Adam is caught in a “maelstrom of new management” and that’s why it won’t get a sequel.

We were promised that “DC’s power hierarchy will change” With Black Adam. Such a picturesque promise was given Dwayne Johnson around his debut in DC Universebearing in mind (we understand) the fact that his character was strong enough to challenge Superman from Henry Cavill. Hence Rock insisted that Cavill play a cameo role as a … Read more

Nightwing: why Ben Affleck’s Batman spin-off was canceled | movie DC | GLORY

After Warner Bros. And COLUMBIA REGION canceled many of their superhero projects, it was revealed that Nightwing, the Dick Grayson themed film, was also part of that version. directed by James Gunn and Peter Safran. Although some titles such as Batgirl have been archived for quality standards, here we tell you about the reasons behind … Read more

Maryland reports first case of malaria in 40 years – NBC Washington DC (44)

A Maryland resident has contracted malaria despite not recently traveling outside the country or to states where malaria has been found, state health officials said Friday. The case of “locally acquired” malaria is the first of its kind in the state in decades, according to health authorities. The patient is a D.C. resident who was … Read more

Does ‘Blue Beetle’ Have a Future in James Gunn’s DC Universe?

Phenomenon blue beetle gave way to another eccentric scenario of those to which DC Universe. Because box office forecasts are very discreet after a series of setbacks the company has (Black Adam, Shazam! The fury of the gods AND Flash), Warner Bros. decided to keep the promotion to a minimum, focusing on Barbie doll and … Read more

‘Black Adam’ has been caught in a ‘vortex of new leadership’ and therefore will not have a sequel, according to Dwayne Johnson

We were promised so “DC’s hierarchy of power would change” With Black Adam. Such a peculiar promise was made Dwayne Johnson around his debut direct current universereferring to (we understand) the fact that his character was powerful enough to challenge Superman With Henry Cavill. Hence Scale insisted that Cavill star as a superhero in a … Read more

The 7 biggest crises James Gunn has faced since heading DC

Last November 1 James Gunn became president DC studies (which changed its name to DC Movies) Near Piotr Szafran. Gunn was to take care of the creative part of the company, and Safran (permanent producer of previous installments of the series) was to take care of management. Gunn’s excellent CV put him in this position: … Read more

Metro expands Maryland concert service for Beyoncé – NBC, Washington, DC (44)

This weekend, Metro will run overtime on the Blue and Silver Lines to accommodate thousands of fans who will attend Beyoncé’s concerts at FedEx Field in Maryland. In anticipation of an increase in ridership, the transit agency announced on Thursday that the last trains on the Blue and Silver Lines serving Morgan Boulevard station will … Read more

6 episodes of the week reflects up to 23J the Norwegian “Euphoria” and the origin of DC superheroes.

The series often don’t give us any respite due to the revolutionary pace of releases we have to put out every week. However, the entry into the deepest and hottest summer is noticeable by the volume of headlines arriving between this Monday 17 and Sunday 23 July, Well we only have six fieldsbetween debuts, comebacks, … Read more

Lady Gaga wanted everyone to call her by that name during the filming of Joker 2.

Joaquin Phoenix He usually confronts each character according to what he teaches (swearing more and more) Method. For this reason, his attitude during filming joker, which would eventually give him Oscar for Best Actorwas the most eccentric, and something like that could be expected in the filming of the sequel, Joker: Folie à deux. The … Read more

Part 2″ and “Aquaman 2” until 2024

for the first time since then 1960Hollywood actors and screenwriters strike together. He RGVwho mobilized a few months ago joined the SAG-AFTRA plunge the industry into paralysis and challenge manufacturers who have settled under PTAMP. They demand fairer wages, higher fees, and that the use of Artificial intelligence in entertainment. So far, negotiations have come … Read more