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Japan hangs man who killed seven people in 2008 | World

Pleno.News – 07/26/2022 9:56 am | updated on 7/26/2022 11:14 am Illustrative picture Photo: Alireza Jalilian | Unpslash Japan on Tuesday executed the man popularly known as the “Akihabara killer”, who in 2008 killed seven people and injured 10 others in Tokyo’s bustling technological shopping center, according to the Ministry …

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Japan executes man who stabbed seven people in 2008

Tomohiro Kato looks down as he leaves the Manseibashi Police Station in Tokyo on June 10, 2008 photo: Reuters O Japan performed Tomohiro Kato this Tuesday, 25, convicted of stabbing seven people to death in 2008 in the district of akihabarain Tokyoinformed the Ministry of Justice. According to the Minister …

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USA: Power Rangers actor sentenced to death | Entertainment

Monique Mello – 07/22/2022 18:09 | updated on 07/22/2022 18:31 power Rangers Photo: Disclosure John Julius Jacobson Jr., or Skylar Julius Deleon, a 42-year-old actor who became known for joining the cast of power Rangers, a hit in the 90s, was sentenced to death for throwing a couple of sailors …

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