Emily’s struggle with depression

There are life stories that win in the end. Emilia is one of them. She is petite and hugs her dolls as if they should come to life. Twenty years ago, she fled Venezuela to live in Córdoba, where her husband, who died of sudden bladder cancer, was from. She also suffered from another cancer, … Read more

depression | Factors that can cause depression | Imp | FAMILY

some people with depression they may try to hide the signs from others or not realize they have this emotional disorder. Although sadness or despondency are common symptoms, they are easy to recognize, but there are other symptoms that may be less obvious, which we will tell you about in this post. What situations can … Read more

A study shows that smoking increases the risk of developing depression by more than 100%.

CASTELLO (EP). Smoking increases the risk of depression by more than 100%, according to a new study from Aarhus University (Denmark), which at the same time adds that if you stop smoking, you can significantly reduce this risk. Most people know that tobacco smoking is unhealthy and can cause all types of cancer, but many … Read more

“A good sex life improves depression, chronic pain, osteoarthritis, and the effects of cancer, among other things.”

Doctor Juan Manuel Poyato Head of Andrology, Sexual and Reproductive Health at the Hospitals of Seville Kironsalud of the Sacred Heart and Infanta Louise guarantees that “the restoration of sexual pleasure will help to cure many diseases.” According to this expert, “sexuality is a fundamental component of our psychophysical well-being that shapes our personality” and … Read more

Powerful Mineral to Help Fight Stress, Anxiety & Depression | News

: from injury, grief, crime, economic problems or health problems, and even from the fast pace of life. All of these affect our emotional health. More than 900,000 cases related to mental health issues, mostly anxiety and depression, have been reviewed nationwide this year alone, according to the Ministry of Health. To overcome these disorders, … Read more

September comes, the holidays are over and the depression sets in.

Newsroom / Newsroom Telecinco 09/03/2023 20:50. The first Sunday of September is one of the days with the most arrivals at airports. The dream is over. He End of vacation and with that comes a return to routine. On the first Monday in September, most citizens return to work. In the same terminal, the symptoms … Read more

400 suffer from severe depression

The longest eruption in the history of the island Popular Volcano Law Initiative Red Cross with 2184 services. Help never stops coming When a Preliminary Decision Becomes Final The volcano of La Palma leaves psychological consequences: 400 people suffer from severe depression. Two years ago, the island of La Palma became the hero of one … Read more

Postpartum depression: what is it, how can it be prevented, and do men suffer from it?

“Depression is a disorder that significantly affects mood, with fundamental symptoms such as sadness or an inability to enjoy,” explains Dr. José Manuel Santacruz, director of the Institute of Aging at the Pontifical University of Javeriana. “This is accompanied by sleep disturbances, negative thoughts, changes in appetite, fatigue, agitation or restlessness. postpartum depression occurs even … Read more

Post-holiday blues: 5 tips to overcome it

Newsroom / Newsroom Telecinco 09/01/2023 13:43 Five tips for overcoming the post-vacation blues With the coming of September holidays are over for most. back to routine for many this can be difficult. this is the worst holiday depression, which, as psychologists say, can be overcome by following some advice. The trip from the beach, to … Read more