Cardi B posed for Vogue Mexico in a cover-up! and talks about his Latin roots and modesty

Cardi B at Paris Fashion Week 2023. Photo: Alain JOCARD. /Getty Images In the exciting world of fashion, there are no such charming people as Cardi B. or not as much as we would like. Known for her unfiltered approach and groundbreaking music, this influential rapper and singer has taken a giant step by appearing … Read more

Visual health education plan for children begins – El Nacional

The Institute Against Glaucoma Blindness (INCOCEGLA) has conducted the first “How Do You See?” training with which it aims to guide primary school teachers in performing visual acuity measurement techniques and identifying visual impairments that are obvious to the student. naked eye. The workshop was led by Dr. Laura Dinzi, the institution’s pediatric ophthalmologist, and … Read more

Public health rules out the risk of an epidemic in the Dominican Republic

Deputy Minister of Collective Health Eladio PĂ©rez told a press conference that the ministry is conducting close surveillance in vulnerable areas and hospitals to rule out cases of dengue, malaria, diphtheria and tetanus, among other pathologies. However, he urged the public to protect themselves and take the measures prescribed by Hygiene and Epidemiology to avoid … Read more