Amazon Music Live Returns For Season 2 With Ed Sheeran, Fade, Lil Dirk And More

Amazon Music just announced the second season today Amazon Music Livemust-see weekly concert series watched by millions of fans in its first season and aired live after Football Thursday Night. Some of the world’s biggest artists will perform their new musical creations for the first time. and start Amazon Music Live will make his long-awaited … Read more

Ed Sheeran to release his album ‘Autumn Variations’ in September | Municipalities of Puebla

british musician, ed Sheeran, announced release of the next album called “Autumn Variations”, which comes out next September 29. Beyoncé is the woman with the most Grammy nominationsThis is what Tom Cruise will look like as Iron Man The premiere took place after his latest work (Substract) and was announced as an album dealing with … Read more

Celebrities and their kids: rethinking from experience

Today, social networks store much more than the memory of mobile phones. The use of these applications has been normalized in such a way that it is sometimes difficult to draw attention to the content posted, especially if it involves minors. During a week when human rights dominated the discussion tables with cries of “not … Read more

Ed Sheeran: a surprise concert he gave outside the Lego store | celebrities | nda | nrt | USAGE

In a characteristic gesture of a 32-year-old musician Ed Sheeran, he showed up at a Minnesota mall to delight his followers with a show put on out of nowhere. However, this time he not only gave an unexpected concert, but also drew attention to where and how this elaborate plan was for people to enjoy … Read more

Ed Sheeran concert breaks attendance record at Soldier Field – NBC Chicago

You must have heard that Ed Sheeran was in Chicago last weekend. Perhaps because he saw a social media video of the famous musician serving food at The Wieners Circle, the iconic hot dog north of town. Or maybe because you were one of the 73,000 people who attended the British singer’s concert at Soldier … Read more

Ed Sheeran took the microphone at karaoke and sang songs from the Backstreets Boys and One Direction.

Ed Sheeran surprised people who were in a Nashville pub. After the concert, the British singer showed up at the venue where he chatted with a few people, drank some beer and He even shone in karaoke. The artist took the microphone to cover the classics “I so want” the Backstreet Boys. The 32-year-old Englishman … Read more

Caitlin, a 9-year-old girl with dementia who makes her wish list before she loses her memory | STORIES

Caitlin Passy is a 9-year-old girl who, despite her young age, suffers from permanent dementia, which will cause her to lose her memory. With that in mind, she made a wish list with the support of her family before she remembers absolutely nothing, so His story not only touched millions of peoplebut it motivated many … Read more