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Rowing Club looking for a fresh start

Plans for a fresh start The process is always painful, but Remo starts to get on with life after leaving Serie C and running out of schedule. The immediate step is to clean the area, reducing costs and saving as much as possible. When there is no expected income, the …

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Remo president confirms coach and executive departures

Eliminated from Série C of the Brazilian Championship and with no prospect of a sequel in the national football calendar, due to the lack of definition in the 2022 edition of the Copa Verde, Clube do Remo is now looking for a fresh start. In addition to the first contractual …

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Fans invade Remo training and pressure Bentes and Bonamigo

Activity was interrupted by coach Paulo Bonamigo, after groups linked to organized fans entered the blue stadium and demanded a better performance from the team in Series C. The atmosphere of peace and tranquility that existed at Clube do Remo at least a week ago, due to the two victories …

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