Roger Federer is into fashion: ‘I’m relieved to retire’ – New York Times International Weekly – International

Recently, a crowd gathered outside Uniqlo’s flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York City in hopes of seeing Roger Federer. The tennis player, who retired in 2022, presented his first clothing collection, which he designed with Jonathan Anderson. Federer, 42, has long been selling caps and shirts with his RF logo. The new collection … Read more

it is made of gold and costs more than 2300 euros

Meghan Markle (42) made the front pages of several national and international media because of rumors about a crisis between her and him Prince Harry (38) after their fifth wedding anniversary this summer. The pressure was such that they themselves returned to the screen to demonstrate that their marriage is still stronger than ever in … Read more

Protect yourself from the sun and save money with this Panama hat from Nike. On sale for less than 28 euros!

Eat fashion who, for one reason or another, are overcoming barriers. Everyone has normalized the use of sneakers for every day, even pairing them with smart suits. So why not move use of fishing hats daily as well? This is something that we see more and more on the streets, as they are comfortable accessories … Read more

What’s new in fashion and beauty

LUXURY WALLETS French bag company Longchamp takes an unexpected turn, merging with toilet paper and get luxury wallets which are true works of art. There are five original designs in a variety of vibrant colors: caramel pink, sky blue and sunny yellow. To do this, they were assigned to play with French icons of the … Read more

Black dress and jewelry Kylie Jenner in honor of her 26th anniversary on a megayacht

On August 10, 1997, he was born. Kylie-Kristen Jennerthe youngest daughter born of a marriage between Chris (age 67) and her husband Bruce Jenner – today Caitlin (73)-. These parents, to a certain extent rich and famous, could do little only in a select American elite that the youngest in the house would become the … Read more

Puma gives Rihanna a second chance

Sportswear brand Puma has surprised the fashion world by announcing a renewed collaboration with singer Rihanna, five years after it ended. According to the portal, the rise in popularity of the Barbadian artist after her musical career was put on hold explains this resurgence. Market2. Puma decided to capitalize on Rihanna’s appeal by re-introducing her … Read more

trick of Jennifer Lopez and other models to appear taller and slimmer

Goodbye heels: Jennifer Lopez and other models’ trick to look taller and slimmer Can you gain inches with small style strategies? Seems. There are techniques suggested by stylists that visually lengthen the figure, making us appear taller and slimmer. And while it’s true that petite women beautiful, they can also adopt them to harmonize their … Read more

Fashion Day at Villarrobledo Fair

The festivities in honor of Villarrobledo’s patroness, Nuestra Señora de la Caridad, come to an end after four busy days of cultural and sporting events. Public participation in municipal proposals stood out from the festive context with mass attendance at sports and cultural events that took place as part of the celebration of major holidays. … Read more