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an x-ray of CR7’s diet in the World Cup

Playback/Instagram Cristiano Ronaldo eats lean meats and coconut oil At the age of 37, Cristiano Ronaldo plays in Qatar what should be his last World Cup with Portugal’s shirt. To do well in his fifth World Cup, the European star will have a personalized diet in search of his first …

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Learn to prepare Norwegian cod recipe – 11/15/2022 – Food

The probably only cod recipe consumed in Norway is not exactly native. The influence comes from northern Spain, from Vizcaya, from the Basque region. The thick tomato sauce is accompanied by potatoes and peppers. See how to prepare Norwegian cod. Preparation time: 50 to 60 min Difficulty level: medium Serves …

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Hunger is not a population problem, but inequality – 11/06/2022 – World

Three centuries ago, the English economist Thomas Malthus predicted that, without birth control, the world would be doomed to starvation. “Population, when unrestrained, grows in geometric progression. Subsistence grows only in arithmetical progression. A little knowledge of mathematics will show the immensity of the first power in comparison with the …

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