“Barbenheimer”: a crazy movie that will unite the universes of Barbie and Oppenheimer | From the production company Full Moon Features

Producer Full Moon Features is preparing a wacky comedy called “Barbenheimer”. The film promises to combine the plot of Greta Gerwig’s Barbie with Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer, two of this year’s most successful films. Despite its antagonistic aesthetic, merging both films under the term Barbenheimer it was a sensation in the networks and it went viral. … Read more

Netflix Reveals Its Releases Through December: Movie Photos And Videos | The Best of Streaming

Netflix announced films that will be released on the platform from September And up December this year, among which productions with excellent producers and main characters stand out, as well as a national production based on the novel by Claudia Pinheiro. September releases Count https://cdn.jwplayer.com/previews/su14PdxM-buQgiLVC Director Pablo Larrain“Introducing a parallel universe inspired by recent Chilean … Read more

4 Most Successful Netflix Movies in Argentina to Watch This Weekend | The Best of Streaming

“Agent Stone” with Israeli actress and model Gal Gadot remains at the top of user preferences Netflix. Agent Rachel Stone He is able to use a wide arsenal of weapons, a wide variety of technologies and defend himself with various combat techniques. Remember the historic franchise James Bond. Documentary from Brazil “Isabella: The Nardoni Case”about … Read more

4 Most Successful Netflix Series in Argentina to Watch This Weekend | Best of the platform

The scandalous trial of the ex-partner of the actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard continues to attract the attention of users Netflixin a documentary series “Depp vs Heard” where is the behind-the-scenes legal battle that ended in favor of the protagonist”Pirates of the Caribbean”. He also remains solid among the public “Lethal Medicine” another top-viewed … Read more

Silvina Luna is said to have contracted covid in the hospital | She was hospitalized for three months at the Italian Hospital.

After returning to intensive therapy a few days ago model Silvina Luna – trained in Italian hospital By bacterial infection this was complicated by his underlying illness hypercalcemia And kidney failure- would give covid positive. This was announced by a journalist on Tuesday Andrea Taboada in a programme DDM (America TV), where he noted: “I … Read more

4 Most Successful Netflix Movies in Argentina to Watch This Long Weekend | For the holiday of August 17

Israeli actress and model gal gadot, is the main character Agent Stone, movie Netflix which has received more audience since its premiere this week and a good suggestion to see it weekend XL. Agent Rachel Stone He is able to use a wide repertoire of weapons, a wide variety of techniques and defend himself with … Read more

Billie Eilish to Dua Lipa: “The performance in Argentina was one of the best of my life” | He sang at Lollapalooza Argentina 2023

“That was fucking awesome”. american singer, Billie Eilishthis is how he remembered his time in Lollapalooza Argentina 2023 in your colleague’s podcast Dua Lipa, which was released this Friday and can be heard on the platform Spotify. “You know them. It’s a crazy pass. The concert we played in Argentina was one of the best … Read more

Depp vs. Heard is a Netflix docu-series that reveals details of the lawsuit that rocked Hollywood | The premiere took place this Wednesday.

This Wednesday, August 16, Netflix brought to the screen one of the most anticipated documentary series of the year, Depp vs Heard. This three-part series directed by Emma Cooper offers a unique view of the most massive lawsuit that rocked the film industry. The six-week trial is finally over verdict in favor of Depp with … Read more

Wegovy: 8 keys to a new injectable weight loss drug coming to Argentina | How the drug used by millionaires and celebrities works

The fame of the treatment Vegovi achieved world fame when Elon Musk Tesla’s powerful CEO and owner of X (formerly known as Twitter) revealed on his social media that he used it to lose weight. After his announcement and seeing the startling change in the founder of SpaceX in just a few months, social media … Read more

Singer Lizzo breaks silence after three former dancers’ sexual and labor harassment lawsuit | From your Instagram account

american singer Lizzo responded on his Instagram account to the allegations made by three former dancers To sexual and labor harassment against her and her producer. Following a lawsuit they filed on August 1, The artist denied committing situations of abuse or abuse in the workplace and noted that she is not a “villain”.. dancers … Read more