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GPU market registers the lowest sales of the last 10 years

Cryptocurrency mining collapse and lack of consumer interest continues to affect the industry After spending months overheated as a result of the pandemic and the cryptocurrency segment, the GPU market is experiencing a sharp downward trend. According to information from Tom’s Hardware, in the third fiscal quarter of 2022, the …

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Australian firm wants to make GPU PCB components from mushrooms

MycelioTronics wants to build Printed Circuit Boards with fungal mycelium The Australian company MycelioTronics wants to use biomaterial to replace Printed Circuit Board (PCB) components🇧🇷 The company wants to use the mycelium of the Ganoderma Lucidum mushroom to compose the PCB and facilitate the component’s recycling process. See in detail, …

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NVIDIA adds DirectStorage 1.1 support for Vulkan

By placing the entire process on the GPU, DirectStorage will improve loading in games NVIDIA has added support for the GeForce 526.98 driver to the DirectStorage 1.1🇧🇷 This Microsoft technology will allow removing the stress generated by processing the CPU in compatible games, taking the process to the GPU. O …

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