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How and where are the actors of the cast of the films

Remember who the Addams were in the 90s In addition to Christina Ricci🇧🇷 Little hand and the famous finger snap Addams Family🇧🇷 Wandinhanew series by Netflix, brings a nostalgic flavor. The repercussion of the Addams strangers in the culture is undeniable. pop🇧🇷 With animations, TV series and movies, what stood …

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Descendants 4 | Brandy returns as Cinderella in new film

After 25 years, Brandy will return to the role of Cinderella🇧🇷 According to indiewirethe rapper will return as the princess of disney in the new movie descendantsentitled The Pocketwatch (The Pocket Watch, in free translation). The singer was also confirmed Rita Ora like the Queen of Hearts. Brandy starred in …

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Highlights from November 21st to 27th

Disclosure Check out the program highlights A&E from the 21st to the 27th of November. The channel airs the final episodes of The Life of Bobby Brown (27) and unpublished by DNA Detectives🇧🇷 cyber addicts and Serial Killer: The Beginning of Everything🇧🇷 The A&E Movies track features Countdown (21), The …

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