‘We were both unfaithful’ and Carol Castro denies it

influential person, Caesar Pantoia, son-in-law Kimbely Loaiza, was posted cheating on his girlfriend on social networks and the mother of his son, Carol Castro. before the wave hate Cesar Pantoja, which he received from netizens, now explains what happened in the leaked videos. Powerful person posted a video on my account YouTube justifying himself pissed … Read more

What is the problem between Kimberly Loaiza and Kenya Os | Mexico News Release

4 years ago Kimberly Loaysa, Juan de Dios Pantoja and Kenya Os they had a big fight that went viral on social media that ended in broken contracts, broken friendships, and even some They will stop making videos for YouTube. It all started when Kenya Os recorded a video for her YouTube channel and was … Read more

Charming postcards of Kimberly Loaiza with her family on a walk in Buenos Aires

Kimberly Loaiza And John of God Pantoia These are two influencers who knew how to take advantage of the YouTube and social media boom to grow as content creators and have a community that follows them no matter the project. Parallel to the growth of their career, they formed one of the most stable couples … Read more