He plays a song from “Titanic”, not imagining that Kate Winslet is flying on the same plane | POPULAR

tik tak Chris Olsen, the protagonist of this story, shamefully spoke about the moment in which he did not notice the presence of the actress, and apologized for his inattention, as he thought he was trying to get his attention. Via video famous tiktoker Chris Olsen shared a funny anecdote with his audience in which … Read more

‘Titanic’: A ‘terrible’ alternate ending to a movie that fans are thankful for not making it to theaters | Leonardo DiCaprio | Kate Winslet | James Cameron | | SKIP INTRO

After the tragic incident submarine titanby OceanGate, during an excursion to the remains titanic off the coast of the United States, a series of relationships and puzzling issues related to a film he made. James Cameron They surfaced on social media. This week, for example, a group of fans of the fictional blockbuster criticized the … Read more

like an alternate ending that was removed from the movie and the fans didn’t like it

Jamen Cameron directed an alternate scene that he ultimately chose to cut from the film. “This is terrible,” they said on the networks. Alternate ending of the movie Titanic qpaso After the tragedy with the Titanic submarine, which exploded on its way to the wreckage of the Titanic at a depth of 3800 kilometers in … Read more

HBO movie that explores infidelity and makes you think about risky romance

intimate secrets (“Little Children”) – a film with the participation of Oscar winners. Jennifer Connelly And Kate Winsletwhich, together with Patrick Wilson share the script in this film adaptation of Tom Perotta’s Child’s Play, which features a turbulent infidelity in a quiet countryside area. The story is a dark, comical and revealing journey through a … Read more