In a micro bikini, Kylie Jenner turns up the heat and is crowned the “rich girl” of summer.

He did it again! Kylie Jenner became the big sensation of the day by showing herself the one and only “rich girl” of summer shocking micro bikini with which he stole all the looks and also joined the most chic trend of the season. Well, just like the socialite and businesswoman, a long list of … Read more

Kylie Jenner imposes style with a swimsuit from the beach

Kylie Jenner has shared photos from her current vacation in two separate posts of her enjoying a break from her busy life. The Kardashian star is celebrating her 26th birthday by sharing a series of social media posts where she left everyone speechless. The influential woman has 400 million followers on Instagram and is therefore … Read more

Kim Kardashian congratulated sister Kylie with a souvenir photo

Every birthday in the Kardashian clan becomes a grand event that needs to be celebrated on a grand scale. Kylie Jenner was no exception, arriving at the age of 26 surrounded by family and tender messages from her famous sisters. Kim Kardashian was one of the first to react with a dose of humor, as … Read more

Kylie Jenner celebrates her 26th birthday with a sensual cutout dress.

Thursday, August 10 Kylie Jenner celebrated their 26 years against the backdrop of the sea. Socialite who founded an empire in the industry beauty and who is one of the most followed women on Instagram shared her photos birthday Where cut dress very sensitive. A few days ago, he talked about his collaboration with Bratz, … Read more

From the beach, Kylie Jenner falls in love with a flirty black bikini

Kylie Jenner celebrates her 26th birthday with some vacation V beachwhere did he share the photo with which fell in love to all your fans tedious flirting bikini black color. celebrity gone crazy everyone is throwing dust in the eyes sensuality And beauty. Kylieuploaded to your account instagramwhere he has over 398 million followers, a … Read more

Kylie Jenner celebrates her 26th birthday at the beach | News from Mexico

MEXICO. Kylie Jenner celebrated her twenty-sixth birthday in style surrounded by sea waves. The influencer who has built an empire in the beauty industry and boasts one of the biggest legions of Instagram followers has shared a glimpse of her holiday with her followers. In the published pictures, Jenner is dazzling in a bold cut-out … Read more

Kylie Jenner took off her bikini by the sea to celebrate her 26th birthday

businesswoman Kylie Jenner August 10 marks 26 years and she celebrated herself by relaxing on a heavenly crystal clear beach. The social media star posted a photo gallery in gratitude for another year of life and dazzled her 398 million subscribers demonstrating his magnificent silhouette, dressed in a spectacular black bikini. Kylie Jenner took off … Read more