Zendaya in…

rivalsNew film Luca Guadagnino, will not be at the Venice Film Festival. This may have been the first title to be removed from the program after the conditions were read. the actors are on strike in the USA with zendaya disabled to promote the director’s new film call me by nameit didn’t make any sense … Read more

from the crazy sex symbol of “Forced Parents” to a settled father and husband at 60.

Beautiful Uncle Jesse’s Forced Parents (1987-1995), John StamosA few days ago he turned 60 years old. no one would say judging by his appearance With teeth porcelain, sheet hair and one wool perfect both ironed and swept. Become sex symbol As a result of the success of the series, which follows baby twins Elizabeth and … Read more

Irina Shayk and Tom Brady barricaded themselves for 48 hours together in a five-star hotel

The model and the former player began a relationship, and there is evidence to support this Nothing else to say: Irina Shayk and Tom Brady passed weekend together in the most luxurious hotel London. There is a graphic showing complicity relationship between a model and a former football star. they saw them leave together of … Read more

Kim Kardashian’s belt saved a woman’s life: that’s how it was

Well advised by her mother, Kim Kardashian (42) was predetermined succeed in everything. Latest journal list Forbes calculates a fortune of 1,200 million dollars, which made her one of the American women richer than homemade ones. Part of this cumbersome current account comes from his company Skims shapewear, who raised last year $240 million and … Read more