Declaration of love to my ex-boxer

Opinion Nicholas Samper mentioned the most important clique in his life. Football columnist Photo: private TO: Writing Footballred September 05, 2023, 10:35 am. m. I know they won’t always be by my side, but I try to take advantage of them every moment, like when we see our kids grow up and become teenagers who … Read more

Melissa Paredes touched Cielo Torres after dedicating an emotional birthday message to him | Social networks | Love | Women | SHOW

LOVE HER! Cielo Torres celebrated his birthday on September 5 and, as is tradition in the local show business, received numerous congratulations from friends and colleagues in the entertainment industry. Among the most notable messages is that of her friend and co-star Ojitos hechiceros. Melissa Paredes. Melissa Paredes thrilled Cielo Torres with birthday wishes: ‘Keep … Read more

Shakira is monumental: the course of her next statue in Barranquilla is revealed (VIDEO)

Shakira is monumental: the course of her next statue in Barranquilla has been revealed. (Photo: Shakira I.G.). Shakira will be erected a new monument in Barranquilla, and after learning about the progress of the work, she spoke about it. Shakira continues to expand its legend inside and outside of music. The famous Colombian singer will … Read more

Tips for a fulfilling and safe sex life with a partner – El Sol de México

Intimacy in a relationship is a fundamental component of maintaining a strong emotional connection. However, sex life can be a touchy subject and sometimes difficult to resolve. In this article, we’ll look at a few key tips to help you enjoy a fulfilling and safe sex life with your partner. open and honest communication Open … Read more

It was the love story of Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassell.

Ines GutierrezMadrid 08/31/2023 12:00 Vincent Cassell. It was their representatives who announced their separation in 2013. Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel They seemed like one of the strongest couples in Hollywood, but their marriage is over just like they lived the rest of their relationship, inconspicuously and away from the limelight. Each of them has … Read more

Horoscope for today, Saturday, August 26, 2023

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“I think it’s legal to get married”

Charlize Theron falls in love with Spanish croquettes: “I think it’s legal to get married”Neil Hall what all Spanish fashion, it’s nothing new. several famous can resist Spain and its charms. The last, it seems, to succumb to the “Spanish charms” was the owner of three Oscars, Charlize Theron. Few people knew … but the … Read more

RAW HORNS ALEJANDRO ROSALIA | Bomb, more singers could contact Rau Alejandro’s “friend”

Bomb, more singers could contact Rau Alejandro’s “friend”Telesinco Summer Party, a program presented by Franc Blanco and Maria Verda, told an exclusive about a woman with whom Rauv Alejandro could cheat on Rosalia. But co-author Amor Romeira gave more details about it and it’s something that more singers could contact her. They stop the Fiesta … Read more

The most popular breakups: from Piqué and Shakira to Rivera and Malu

VR Updated: 20.08.2023 09:16 View gallery > Love – and grief – stars in the pages of literature and in the most beautiful scenes in films, is an inspiration for musicians and artists, and in the digital age, it feeds social networks, especially if its main characters are famous faces. And show the button. Or … Read more

Marcelo Cezan and his wife Michelle Gatti have revealed that they are expecting their second child

Marcelo Cezan He is a well-known presenter, actor and singer who has been involved in successful soap operas such as Doña Bella, True Love and My Name is Lolita for several years. He is currently a member of the Citytv entertainment program “Bravissimo” and the music group “Hombres a la plancha”. Regarding his sentimental position, … Read more