Clogged pores are one of the consequences of not washing your makeup brushes – El Occidental

He draw up is the perfect ally women Either for hide some imperfection or to further highlight its beauty. There are those who apply it on their face every day, whether going to work, party, date, family reunion and other events. There are even women who feel strange if one day they are not dressed. … Read more

Impregnated dark circle concealers are the one product that experts always carry with them.

Beauty experts are increasingly becoming fans multifunctional cosmetics. And among our favorites we always wear dark circle correctors with treatment this is in addition to hiding baggy eyes, redness or even spots, they treat the skin without the effect of a mask and make it look great. And not only in the eyes, but in … Read more

Charlize Theron’s nails with black and white manicure will become a favorite of elegant women.

Once we see some Hands elegantly, automatically, our eyes are drawn to them, or rather to the nails of flowers that look like real ones wild card with any appearance and at the same time they gave a different shade. And now that we’re starting fall, there’s nothing better than choosing nail design minimalistic, easy … Read more

achieve a good face effect without excess makeup

Hailey Bieber, Selena Gomez and Zendaya are some celebrities who use this daily makeup. He makeup world It is constantly evolving, and in this case the highlight is the so-called net effect. This style, which is gaining momentum today, focuses on emphasizing natural beauty with fresh and bright, yet minimalist finishes. This is the perfect … Read more

Incredible image change Megan Fox, who fell in love with more than one in New York

Recently, not one celebrity has shown herself great change appearance. Celebrities no longer rely on changes related to their style, but now they are chasing the cut and color of clothes. hair which distinguish them from others. Megan Fox decided to keep up and walked around New York with his new hairstyle. Megan Fox transformed … Read more

Makeup: Celebrities who have their own make-up brand

Celebrities like Rihanna or Selena Gomez have established themselves in the makeup industry with their own beauty brands. In the entertainment industry, celebrities are known not only for their musical, acting or modeling talent, but also for their ability to break into the business world. One of the most popular ways celebrities showcase their creativity … Read more

Edurne is shown without filters or makeup, with David de Gea responding, “Natural beauty.”

Santiago Marine 08/18/2023 18:00 edurneinstagram Edurne showed herself without filters and makeup on her social networks. In this post, David de Gea praised his wife’s “natural beauty”. edurne shared an image on their social media profiles showing natural, without makeup and filters They can change their appearance, showing their face without jewelry. The photo made … Read more

Edurne shows his face without filters and makeup, and David de Gea reacts

Rocio Molina 08/18/2023 10:00 am. edurneGetty The Got Talent judge made her own argument for presenting yourself online naturally and without artificial gimmicks. Edurne’s followers claim that her natural beauty is “unsurpassed”. David de Gea, the singer’s husband, was quick to react when he saw the photo of his wife. If there is one thing … Read more