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What Winter in the United States Signals for Our Winter

Christmas 2022, at the beginning of the current winter in the United States, had a bomb cyclone that dumped 1.4 meters of snow in the city of Buffalo | JOEL VIERA/AFP/METSUL METEOROLOGY The United States has had two major cold spells so far this winter with very extreme cold and …

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ChatGPT loses dispute with US law students

Students at the University of Minnesota School of Law fared better than ChatGPT on four school tests administered by law professors. ChatGPT performed close to “mediocre,” but well enough to pass a final exam—although it likely had to take remedial classes, according to the report by the team of four …

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New US House forms farm committee

After a troubled speaker election process, the 118th Congress was officially sworn in shortly after midnight on January 7, and the new leadership of the House Committee on Agriculture was announced. Republican member and longtime Congressman Glenn “GT” Thompson of Pennsylvania will assume the position of president. Democrat and former …

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