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which movie will air on Sunday on TV Globo?

A fantasy movie will be on Today’s Maximum Temperature, Sunday, June 26 (26/06), on TV Globo’s schedule, at 12:30 pm (Brasilia time). Its about “Snow White the Huntsman”. A widowed king falls in love with Ravenna (Charlize Theron), but she has evil plans that end up leading the man to …

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The best royal movies to watch – Metro World News Brasil

From Chaucer to Shakespeare to modern writers like Peter Morgan, creator of ‘The Crown’, few can resist the subject of royalty. This is how stories about the British royal family have been an element of public entertainment since forever. Mixing fiction and real historical facts, the narratives hold the audience’s …

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Fast Brad Pitt in “Bullet Train”

It all starts with a bomb set to automatically explode if a train slows below 80 kilometers per hour. Unless the requested ransom is paid. Meanwhile, the police race against time to find out how to quickly learn how to defuse the bomb. With narrative speed, “Bullet Train” has as …

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