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6 movies you can only find on Netflix

What would we do without entertainment, right? The search for distraction has only grown in recent years and movies are among the options of many when it comes to having fun. This drives the film industry to release more and more films and among them are the original Netflix productions …

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The 10 best movies on Netflix to watch in 2022

NETFLIX is the largest streaming service in the world, with the largest number of subscribers and also the largest number of movies to watch, including numerous original productions, a platform full of good movies. With a vast catalog, that question always arises: What to watch on Netflix? Oficina da Net …

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5 Netflix Drama Movies With Heartbreaking Stories

There is no cinematographic genre that proposes a greater delivery of the cast than drama. In short, the genre has already yielded many remarkable stories for the public, which does not get tired of watching them. Dramas have a captive audience, which gets emotional, vibrates, and suffers along with the …

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