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The Railroad That Changed America Forever

5 hours ago Credit, ClassicStock/Alamy “You can almost feel the pain it caused,” says Roland Hsu, inside the railroad tunnel dug into Pico Donner, in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, in the US state of California. Rough and irregular, the tunnel walls bear little resemblance to the underground passages dug by …

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Underground tunnels promise to end traffic jams

Elon Musk is a billionaire known for his grand visionary projects, and one of his latest initiatives was the construction of underground tunnels. With this, he aims to relieve traffic in major cities such as Los Angeles, which started his project called The Boring Company. Keep reading and understand more …

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How the left turned California into a nightmare

Not so long ago, California was something of a picture of heaven on earth. “Much more than a dream”, as Lulu Santos would sing, the Golden State, or golden state, was for more than half a century considered the future of America. If, on the one hand, the Californian economy …

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