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Salman Rushdie was stabbed 10 times in many places on his body

Author Salman Rusdhie, attacked yesterday before a lecture in New York, was stabbed 10 times during the attack. According to “Jornal Nacional” (TV Globo), the blows to Rushdie were delivered to several places on his body, such as the neck, stomach, chest, thigh and eye. Authorities also identified the suspect …

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Trump invokes 5th amendment, fails to testify in New York prosecutor’s investigation

Constitution provides protection against self-incrimination; New York State Attorney Investigates Trade Practices of Former US President and His Family REUTERS/David ‘Dee’ Delgado Trump uses 5th amendment to not testify in investigation The former president of United States, Donald Trump, invoked the 5th Amendment – ​​a Constitution that provides protection against …

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What is known about the FBI search of Trump’s Florida mansion

The FBI search operation of former US President Donald Trump’s mansion in Palm Beach, Florida was unprecedented and surprised the United States. However, information about the review of the sumptuous property at the Mar-a-Lago resort remains scarce. The following is what is known so far. How was the operation? On …

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